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Walnut Creek Baseball

Rec League Registration

Spring Season 2023


Games start April 17th for 5u-15u

Ages 9u-13u plan for season ending tournament at end of June to determine Division Champions

Spring Season ends by June 30th for 5u-15u


5u     6u     7u     8u

Late Fee starts:   March 1  -  No Refunds after this date

Last Day to Register:   March 15  -  OR UNTIL TEAMS ARE FULL


9u     10u/11u     12u/13u     14u/15u

Late Fee starts:   February 15  -  No Refunds after this date

Last Day to Register:   March 1  -  OR UNTIL TEAMS ARE FULL



Currently creating a Waitlist to determine interest

Season Starts June 1st and Ends July 31st


5u   6u   7u   8u
Dec 15 - Registration Opens
Mar 01 - Registration Late Fee starts, No Refunds after this date
Mar 01 - Team Request deadline, Division VP's start creating teams

Mar 25 - Equipment Pickup (9am-Noon) Coaches Only
Apr 17 - Season Starts

9u   10u/11u   12u/13u   14u/15u
Dec 15 - Registration Opens
Feb 15 - Registration Late Fee starts, No Refunds after this date
Mar 04 - Skills Day 9u, 10u/11u, 12u/13u  (click link for specific times)
Mar 07 - Draft (click link for specific times) coaches only
Mar 11 - Equipment Pickup (9am-Noon) Coaches Only
Apr 17 - Season Starts

TBD    - 14u/15u Skills Day and Draft dates TBD

Jan 15 -
Waitlist Registration opens to determine interest
Jun 01 - Season Starts
Jul 31 - Season Ends
TBD    - 16u/17u Skills Day and Draft dates TBD


Mar 11 - Spring Cleanup (9am-Noon)

9u-13u will have a tournament at the end of June so plan accordingly


Games are on WEEKNIGHTS for ALL AGES with some games on SATURDAYS based on the following schedule:

5u - 11:30 AM

6u - 1:30 PM
7u - 9:30 AM

Practice schedules are determined by each team's head coach

No games scheduled on SUNDAY but could be used for practices



If payment is not submitted at the end of registration, the information you entered is not saved and you will have to start over


Register early to secure a spot and avoid late fees


Register your child in the School Grade Division based on their school grade

for the 2022-2023 school year


Make sure your child's school grade is correct before you register


See School Grade / League Age chart below


For registration related questions or issues email



What was done in the past? ...

Registration was based on the player's birthdate falling between May 1st through Sep 15th of the next year which created a 16.5 month birthdate range for each age division.

School grade was also a requirement and each age division had to allow for two sequential school grades because of the 16.5 month age range.

Why was it done this way? ...

It dates back a decade ago when Walnut Creek was affiliated with Little League and we were required to use a 12 month birthdate range from May 1st through April 30th of the next year.

This was called the "League Age" concept and based on the player's age on April 30th.  So whatever the child's age was on April 30th of the current season, that was the age division they were required to register in.

The Effect ...

This prevented kids born May 1st - Sep 15th from being able to play in the same age division as their friends or with kids in the same school grade.

As WCB became an independent Rec League, we've encouraged kids to play baseball with kids in their same school grade since that is where most of their friends are and where most of the social interaction is with during the school year.

To allow this, we opened up the birthdate range through September 15th which created the 16.5 month birthdate range and overlap in age divisions.

This created confusion for parents when registering so we would try to direct parents to the age division where the majority of kids from their child's grade were registered.

Sometimes it caused parents to register in an age division where their child was with only a handful of kids from their school grade without them knowing it.

The Future ...

To simplify the registration process and get kids registererd appropriately, each age division is now associated with only one school grade and you will register your child in the School Grade Division based on their school grade for the 2022-2023 school year.

In rare situations you may see your child skipped an age division relative to where they were registered last year.  If you would like you child to be grandfathered in and not skip an age division, please contact the Registrar for assistance.

We also understand that not all kids are fundamentally or socially on the same level as kids in their school grade so if you would like to register in an age division that does not correspond to your child's current school grade, please contact the Registrar for assistance.



School Grade / League Age Chart

School Grade
League Age
40 ft mound
60 ft bases
Coach Pitch
40 ft mound
60 ft bases
1st Grade
Coach Pitch
40 ft mound
60 ft bases
2nd Grade
Coach Pitch
40 ft mound
60 ft bases
3rd Grade 9u
Kid Pitch
40 ft mound
60 ft bases
4th & 5th Grade
Kid Pitch
46 ft mound
65 ft bases
6th & 7th Grade
Kid Pitch
50 ft mound
70 ft bases
8th & 9th Grade
Kid Pitch
60 ft mound
80 ft bases
10th & 11th Grade
Kid Pitch
60 ft mound
90 ft bases



2023 Rec 10th & 11th Grade Division (16u/17u)

Kid Pitch

Registration fee includes hat and jersey

Parents need to purchase baseball pants, belt, socks, cleats, glove

WCB recommends parents purchase a helmet or there will be helmets available for checkout on a date to be provided

Players can use their own bat or borrow from teammates

There is a Skills Day and teams will be drafted by coaches - 13 players per team

Players unable to attend Skills Day will be put on a team randomly by blind draw

All players registered by the deadline will be placed on a team

Prior to the draft a head coach is allowed to secure ONE assistant coach

A second assistant coach can be added to the team AFTER the team has been created from the draft

Practices schedules created by volunteer coaches and could occur during the week or on the weekend.  Most practice space is available on the weekend during the game season

12 games in the season

Games are during the week

Games 7 innings or less, no new inning after 1 hour 45 minutes

Pitching from 60 feet - Bases at 90 feet

Score is kept with 5 run limit per inning

Teams play with 9 players on the field

Base Cost: $225.00

Opened: 12/15/2022

In Grades: 10 to 11 for 2022-23 School year

NOTE: This program is currently only accepting waitlisted registrations. Register for the current waitlist by clicking the Join Waitlist button below.