Recreational Baseball serving Clive, Urbandale, Waukee and surrounding area.

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5u, 6u, 7u and 8u teams are created by the Age Division Coordinator, mostly based on Elementary School

However, if you are interested in forming your own team in the 5u, 6u, 7u or 8u Age Division from REGISTERED PLAYERS, read and follow the instructions below

Follow the steps carefully otherwise your request will be rejected and you run the risk of not getting the team you want if capacity is reached in your Age Division so complete the process early!

It is the responsibility of the HEAD COACH to make sure EACH PLAYER IS REGISTERED before submitting the roster and that it is submitted by the due date




5u and 6u - Head coach is allowed to form a team with up to 9 players
7u and 8u - Head coach is allowed to form a team with up to 11 players
Head coach must secure assistant coaches.
Each player needs to REGISTER and pay individually BEFORE the head coach submits the roster.
Once all players have registered, the head coach emails the roster to the appropriate Age Division Coordinator email.
5u email:       6u email:
7u email:       8u email:
  Make sure you receive confirmation from the Age Division Coordinator that your roster was received and accepted.
Submitted rosters with un-registered players will be rejected and you run the risk of not getting the players you want on your team because once an Age Division reaches capacity, no more registrations will be accepted so REGISTER EARLY (Registration opens December 15th, 2021).
It is important that if you do not receive confirmation your roster was accepted, you follow up with the Age Division Coordinator.
Submitted rosters with less than the maximum allowed players will be back filled by the Age Division Coordinator to form a full team.