Recreational Baseball serving Clive, Urbandale, Waukee and surrounding area.


Equipment needs for Walnut Creek Rec League players:

Walnut Creek provides:

  • Catcher protective equipment and catcher mitts.  (But you can use your own)
  • Batting helmets (encourage you to get your own)
  • Jersey top and cap
  • Game baseballs

NOTE on Metal Cleats >>>>>>  ALL AGES UNDER the 14/15 year old division CANNOT wear metal cleats.   Only the 14/15 age division will be allowed metal cleats, since they play on fields that have “earth mounds”.


Parents will need to provide:
  • Fielders glove
  • Bat - Our league allows big barrel bats and we have a page on our website for details on bats.  Walnut Creek Bat Rules
  • Baseball Pants
  • Socks
  • Belts
  • Cleats are NOT required, but are highly recommended for 8u and above; but ANY age can wear cleats if you choose.
*Coaches with input from parents should determine what color to choose for pants, socks, and belt for the team.
*It is preferred that all of the players on a particular team have the same color pants.  Grey is a common choice for pant color or white can be chosen.  Less common choices such as red or black or harder to find so we recommend sticking with grey or white.
*Choose a color of sock and belt that complements the jersey color.
*Your Division VP can email coaches the team colors if needed.


Coaches will need to provide:

  • Baseballs for practices
  • Maybe some throw-down bases
  • Parents should consider “chipping-in” to help coach with purchase of baseballs.