Recreational Baseball serving Clive, Urbandale, Waukee and surrounding area.

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Walnut Creek Baseball Board of Directors Positions



  • Oversee daily operations of the league and facility
  • General oversight and strategic direction
  • Communicate with outside entities
  • Facilitate Board of Directors meetings


Vice President

  • Manage the Rec League
  • Oversee Division VP’s for each age division
  • Coordinate try-outs and draft
  • Coordinate coaches clinic with Waukee HS Baseball coach



  • Record minutes of Board of Directors meetings
  • Schedule Board of Directors meetings and communicate to Board Members
  • Coordinate and manage the Officer on Duty schedule
  • Manage reporting requirements with state entities



  • Pay vendors
  • Manage financial books


Division VP - 5u, 6u, 7u, 8u, 9u, 10u/11u, 12u/13u, 14u/15u (one for each age division)

  • Recruit coaches for your age division
  • Communicate with coaches and parents for your age division
  • Schedule practices for the field you are in charge of
  • Attend try-outs and draft
  • Publish and distribute rules


Facility Manager

  • Maintenance, Renovation, and Repairs of the Facility
  • Research and present options to Board of Directors of products and services to be purchased to enhance and upgrade the facility
  • Receive bids and hire third parties to complete renovation and repair work at the facility
  • Purchase new equipment and supplies for the upcoming season
  • Repaire damage at the facility from mother nature and vandals as soon as possible after it occurs
  • Review contracts annually with vendors and third parties that perform ongoing work and provide supplies at / to the facility including irrigation, lawn care, ag-lime, chalk suppliers, gravel suppliers, port-o-potties, garbage removal
  • General upkeep of the facility such as mending fences, repairing batting cage nets, turf repairs, seeding and aerating the fields, laying down parking lines, repairing field and concession equipment, light pole repairs
  • Organize opening of facility in the Spring including setting out bases, mounds, garbage cans and hanging the batting cage nets
  • Organize Field Clean-up Day
  • Organize closing of facility in the Fall including storing bases, mounds, taking down batting cage nets, pulling in garbage cans for pickup
  • Arrange and coordinate the preparation (draggin & chalking) of the fields for game play
  • Make sure all bases and mounds are at the correct distances for each field
  • Coordinate and arrange that fields and outside areas are mowed on a weekly basis
  • Make sure foul lines are painted on each field at least every two weeks
  • Coordinate the weekly clean-up and removal of trash at the facility
  • Make sure water drains from the facility properly
  • Keep the maintenance building and garage area reasonably clean and organized
  • Purchase fuel and other consumable supplies
  • Hire Field Crew members in the spring
  • Determine the pay amount for each Field Crew member and communicate these amounts with the Treasurer


Equipment Manager

  • Ensure player equipment needs and other equipment needs for game play are monitored and appropriately supplied to meet season needs
  • Assign teams for each division and work with external vendor on uniform and caps for all age divisions



  • Work with businesses in the community to raise sponsorship dollars to support Walnut Creek Baseball and the Robert Brownell Complex



  • Coordinate registrations during the registration process
  • Answer e-mails regarding registration and team formation


Weekend Tournament Coordinator

  • Put together Field Crew tournament work schedule on a weekly basis and communicate with Field Crew members
  • Oversee Field Crew members during weekend tournaments
  • Perform early morning onsite inspections of the fields to determine playability and communicate with USSSA regarding any delays due to rain
  • Close up the facility on Sunday evening and make sure the facility is ready for Monday league games


Officer on Duty (OD)

  • Each Board Member is responsible for taking a share of the OD duties which is needed during weekday league games
  • Be visible at the complex during assigned night and makes sure all teams and umpires show up
  • Deal with any questions or issues that arise throughout the night
  • Open up the park and close down the park (turning on and off field lights as needed)
  • Two shifts each night Monday through Friday


High School Silver Cord or volunteer hours

  • The Board of Directors being volunteers recognizes the importance of volunteering in the community
  • We encourage high school students looking for volunteer hours or Waukee Silver Cord hours to reach out to the President for opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community and Walnut Creek Baseball