Recreational Baseball serving Clive, Urbandale, Waukee and surrounding area.

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Bat Rules for Walnut Creek Baseball follow the same rules applied by USSSA baseball.

7.01.C.1 - All bats must be 1) permanently stamped with the new USSSA Mark, OR 2) be a legal BBCor bat or 3) be made of wood by a licensed USSSA manufacturer.


In short, if you do NOT use a high school bat (BBCOR), you are able to use any big barrel (2 5/8 or larger) or little league size barrel (2 1/4 inch).  These youth bats must have the "Thumbprint" you see below in the image.  The only time you won't have this thumbprint is on very old bats.  Any retail store today will have youth bats with this thumbprint.



Some of the local retailers also sell bats with the USA stamp on them which according to industry standards do not perform as well as the USSSA bats so at Walnut Creek Baseball we also allow these bats to be used in our RECREATIONAL LEAGUE.